Substance Abuse Treatment for Pregnant Women

The Tides

A new substance abuse treatment program, designed specifically to serve pregnant women, has opened its doors right here in Moore County.

The Tides mission is to keep the mother-child dyad intact by helping these women become healthy so they can heave healthy babies.

According to the program's website, "Tides' mission is specific to this population because they are largely overlooked, underserved, and encounter numerous barriers to treatment...The Tides program is one of the few resources for these women in the state of North Carolina."

"The Tides model combines intensive outpatient opioid recovery treatment, along with in-house services and partnerships with other community groups to serve pregnant women and new mothers. The goal is to keep mothers and children together, a metric not always achievable for new mothers who face addiction issues." (The Pilot, Sept. 1, 2023)

Click to continue reading: "Waves of Change: Program Addressing Opioid Abuse Among Mothers"

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