Pregnant and Curious About Adoption?


Are you pregnant and curious about adoption?  How do you know if adoption is the right option for you?

What do you know about adoption?  Did you know that adoption looks much different today than it has in the past?

Take time to consider all of your options, including adoption.  Start here to get the facts.

Here's how the adoption process works today:

Learn more about many of the myths about adoption:

The next step is to choose a licensed adoption agency - these agencies have case workers who work with expectant moms and serve as a guide during pregnancy.

If adoption is right for you, your agency will work with you to develop your own adoption plan, with you in control over all your options.  These include choosing the family you want for your child, how much contact you want with your child and the adoptive family, and what type of support you want afterwards.

Click here to visit the BraveLove website for more resources, and to hear real moms share their personal experiences with adoption.

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