How Does Abortion Affect Mental Health?

Do you feel overwhelmed with your unplanned pregnancy? If you feel scared, anxious, unsure, or numb, your feelings are valid. 

As you think about your options, you’ll want to consider how an abortion could affect your mental well-being now and in the future. So, take a deep breath and keep reading. 

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Late-Term Abortion: Procedures, Risks, Pain, and More

If you’re farther along in your pregnancy, you may be wondering if abortion is still an option for you. Is it safe when you’re farther along? Is it more painful than early-term abortion? It may feel like you have too many questions and not enough time. Take a deep breath. Life Care Pregnancy Center is here to help! In this blog, we’re exploring late-term abortion, so you can make an informed and empowered decision! Keep reading to learn more!  What is Late-Term Abortion? Late-term abortion refers to an abortion that is performed during the second trimester (14 to 26 weeks) or third trimester (27 to 40 weeks) of pregnancy. Late-term abortions are rare, but they do happen. In 2021, 5.7% of abortions in the United States were performed between 14 to 20 weeks. 0.9% were performed at or beyond 21 weeks[1].  Are Late-Term Abortions Legal in North Carolina? Effective July 1,...

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How Does Abortion Affect Relationships?

An unplanned pregnancy can put a lot of strain on your relationship. You and your partner may disagree on the ideal solution. Perhaps you’ve considered abortion and are wondering how it could affect your relationship.   Abortion is a significant decision that can leave a lasting impact on your relationship with your partner. It’s crucial to get the facts so that you can make the best choice for your future! How Could Abortion Affect My Relationship with My Partner? Abortion affects everyone in different ways. Some couples manage to process their emotions together and keep the relationship intact. For others, the experience can be too overwhelming, and they eventually break up. That being said, studies have found that abortion tends to have damaging effects on relationships.   For example, one study found that couples who experience abortion were more likely to fight about children and money[1]. Men whose partners had an...

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What is the Abortion Pill?

An unplanned pregnancy can rip the rug out from under you. At a time like this, it’s crucial to get all the facts to protect your health! Today, we’re exploring the abortion pill, so you can make an informed decision for your unplanned pregnancy. Keep reading to learn more! How Does the Abortion Pill Work? The abortion pill (also known as medication abortion) actually consists of two pills: mifepristone and misoprostol. Mifepristone is taken first, usually in a clinic. This medication cuts the supply of the hormone progesterone to the embryo. The embryo stops growing without a steady supply of progesterone. Misoprostol is taken 24-48 hours later, usually at home. This medication makes the uterus cramp and expel the fetus, which ends the pregnancy. How Late Can You Take the Abortion Pill?  You can’t take the abortion pill beyond 10 weeks of pregnancy (or 70 days since the first day of...

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Substance Abuse Treatment for Pregnant Women

A new substance abuse treatment program, designed specifically to serve pregnant women, has opened its doors right here in Moore County.

The Tides mission is to keep the mother-child dyad intact by helping these women become healthy so they can heave healthy babies.

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Pregnant and Curious About Adoption?

Are you pregnant and curious about adoption?  How do you know if adoption is the right option for you?

What do you know about adoption?  Did you know that adoption looks much different today than it has in the past?

Take time to consider all of your options, including adoption.  Start here to get the facts.

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A Woman's Right to Know

Your Right To Know.  It’s North Carolina law.

North Carolina law requires that a woman receive certain abortion related information at least 72 hours prior to an abortion (effective 10/1/2015).  This information is part of the N.C. Woman’s Right to Know Act of 2011 that mandates the giving of informed consent prior to an abortion. The Woman’s Right to Know Act requires that women seeking an abortion be fully informed about relevant issues.

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